Liéux I is the first in a series of works by Frederik Sakham. Lieux is french for places, but by adding an ´ over the e the word lié, meaning linked, is in there as well. Linked to places, Frederik, with his double bass in hand, is exploring and interplaying with the acoustics and the already existing sounds on specific locations. Time and space is hereby promoted to main actors alongside the musician. The recordings were made in early spring 2015 in a church, a bunker and a living room respectively - all located near the little village Birkelse in Northern Jutland. Due to the different materials (stone, concrete and wood) and sizes of the rooms, they each contributed with distinct sonic characteristics to the music.

artist Frederik Sakham
title Liéux I

Frederik Sakham: Double Bass

recording & mix Anders Ørbæk
artwork Frederik Sakham
catalog LYDHOR004
format DIGITAL
price Free Download