Recorded in various locations around Aarhus, Denmark 2014. We recorded in the middle of a cold night in a warehouse where they used to store dead animals. At the break of dawn on the brink of a forest, right where it meets the sea. At midday in a private dining room floating high above the neighboring houses, with a clock ticking away and throughout the misty first weekend of spring, in the empty library of an old former hunting castle. Listen carefully and you will hear these places in and around the music.

artist Christian Windfeld
title Førstepersonental

Christian Windfeld: Drums, percussion, piano.

recording & mix Lydhør
artwork Jacinta Madsen
catalog LYDHOR002
format 12” 130 grams vinyl
copies 91 numbered copies. Each a unique “pixel” of a 91 LP large painting now dissolved. Each copy contains a signed letter from the artist.
price 300 DKK / 40 € (Very few left)