Recorded inside a Rotunda on the outskirts of Aarhus, Denmark. The Rotunda - a WWI memorial sitting in the soft hills of the romantic landscape near sea and forrest - has some very unique acoustical properties and can be conceived of as a giant resonating drum shell. No effects or overdubs have been applied to the recording. The release also contains a poem by danish Poet Karen Marie Troldborg who has created a touching reply to the poem that is carved into the sandstone wall of the Rotunda in Aarhus. Førstepersonental is the title of Christian Windfeld's solo project that also comprise another release ( lydhør#2).

artist Christian Windfeld
title Rotunda

Christian Windfeld: Snare Drum

recording & mix Anders Ørbæk
artwork Simon Gorm Eskildsen
catalog LYDHOR006
format 10" vinyl and digital
copies 250
price 100 DKK / 15 €