This is a true story. One evening in August 2016, several events co-occurred in space and time. A scantily dressed woman locked herself out of her room and had to engage in a conversation with a stranger. Another wom- an got drunk to forget the distressing fact that it was her 40th birthday. A man was robbed, losing all his money and personal doc- uments; and a girl fell asleep in a replica of an old wooden church. It was just around sunset and as these events progressed the birds slowly fell silent. No one really knows whether all this happened as mere coincidence or if it was orchestrated by some kind of higher power. It also re- mains unanswered whether the people concerned had anything to do with each other before or after the odd co-occurrence of events. The only thing certain is that while all this took place you could hear the music of a double bass, a snare drum and a contrabass clarinet - like a dense sonic rug under it all. This record is a recording of that evening.

artist Flamingo
title Flamingo