receptive, responsive, sensitive, amenable, attentive.


LYDHØR is a music publishing company that records, produces and publishes experimental improvised music. We exist primarily to make great music by great artists publicly available, but there is more to what we do than the publication of music.

We highly value the creative exploration of sound and acoustics, and a major aesthetic goal is to incorporate markers of space and time into our recordings. Such markers are to be found in what we ordinarily conceive of as silence or noise.

When one creates sound, that sound imposes itself on the surrounding sonic environment, i.e. the audio atmosphere. The marking of an unmarked space*. We seek to do the opposite; to make the audio atmosphere of a specific place and time part of improvised musical performances, thereby creating “situated music” – music that is shaped largely by a particular place and time.

We believe that improvisation is all about listening – to noise or silence or other human beings. ‘Empty space’ or ‘empty time’ do not exist. There is always something to see, something to hear.** The artists that we publish have carefully listened to their surroundings, and played. We hope that by listening to their music, you will be encouraged to listen and see for yourself.

LYDHØR is a strictly non-commercial publishing company. Our publications are produced with financial support from The Municipality of Aarhus, The Danish Arts Council and private donations. We work on a voluntary basis and any profit from record sales goes to the artist.

*Gary Peters
**John Cage